Against Child Abuse (ACA), was established in 1979 as the only charitable organisation specialised in child protection in Hong Kong SAR. We strive to eliminate all forms of child abuse.


Upon ACA’s 40th Anniversary, we hope the public will know more about our service through parent-child charity run and carnival, deepen Hong Kong people’s knowledge of prevent child abuse issue, provide a channel for them to seek suitable support and help when in need. Parents and children and also enjoy parent-child moment in the activities.




  • To promote a caring and non-violent environment for the optimal growth and development of our children.


  • We believe that children’s survival, protection and development should be given priority, their views should be heard and given due weight. In the application of these principles, children of every race, creed and colour should be given equal treatment.


  • To be recognised as one of the leading NGOs in the East Asian Region providing quality child protection programmes of both remedial and preventive nature.

Aims and Objectives

  • To strive for the removal of all forms of child abuse and neglect in Hong Kong.
  • To establish, maintain and support a professional service for the assistance of abused or neglected children.
  • To promote the awareness of the general public in Hong Kong towards prevention of child abuse.
  • To take all lawful and necessary actions which are incidental or conducive to the attainment of the above objectives.